The School Finance Partnership (SFP) is about Colorado’s kids. We are a broad coalition of community leaders, elected officials, education experts and advocates, and business leaders from diverse backgrounds and regions of the state.  We all agree that the way Colorado schools are funded is broken.

We still fund our schools according to forumlas that were developed before major updates to the school system like No Child Left Behind, CSAP testing and Senate Bill 191 went into effect. Even though Colorado and other states typically revisit the School Finance Act at least every 10 years, Colorado hasn't made significant changes since 1994. Now is the time for Colorado to find an equitable, innovative, bi-partisan solution to funding its schools that is aligned with goals for student achievement and has statewide support.

Through SFP we are working together to dramatically improve student outcomes – and Colorado as a whole – by addressing structural problems with Colorado school funding.

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