Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the SFP decision-making body and is composed of 15 executive leaders who represent the convening organization, education stakeholders, business leaders, legislators, school reform advocates and voters. The Steering Committee meets once a month to review the input provided during the most recent Partnership Meeting. Its members work together to draft recommendations that will pave the way for an innovative overhaul to the state’s method of funding public schools.

Committee Co-chairs

Office Scapes, Bob Deibel

City of Denver Deputy Mayor, CFO, Cary Kennedy

Colorado Children’s Campaign, Chris Watney

Committee Members

Colorado Association of School Boards, represented by Ken DeLay

Colorado Association of School Executives, represented by Bruce Caughey

Colorado Education Association, represented by Tony Salazar

Colorado Forum, represented by Kara Veitch

Colorado Legacy Foundation, represented by Helayne Jones

Colorado Succeeds, represented by Tim Taylor

Denver Metro Chamber, represented by Kelly Brough

Donnell-Kay Foundation, represented by Tony Lewis

Great Futures Colorado, represented by Lisa Weil

Early Childhood Education Representative, Barbara O’Brien (Piton Foundation)

Higher Education Representative, Paul Teske (University of Colorado – Denver, School of Public Affairs)

State Representative Tom Massey (HD 60)

State Senator Mike Johnston (SD 33)

Project Director

Mary Wickersham (Piton Foundation)