The School Finance Partnership (SFP) is a broad coalition of community leaders, elected officials, education experts and advocates, and business leaders from diverse backgrounds and regions of Colorado who agree that the current school funding structure is broken. The coalition is looking at Colorado’s school funding system and considering various options and alternatives for funding schools at the state, district and school levels. The Partnership is looking for innovative ways to provide students and districts the resources they need to meet state achievement standards and to improve student outcomes.

SFP is comprised of two committees:

  •  The Steering Committee holds the decision-making authority and is composed of 15 executive leaders who represent the convening organizations, education stakeholders (teachers, school administrators, etc.), business leaders, legislators, school reform advocates and voters.

  • The Partnership Committee is open to all executive or senior-level leaders of interested organizations and exists to provide broad insight and feedback to inform recommendations made by the Steering Committee. Click here for information about attending an upcoming Partnership Meeting.

Based on the Steering Committee’s leadership, the Partnership Committee’s input, and feedback from additional stakeholders around the state, the School Finance Partnership is presenting recommendations for an innovative overhaul to the state’s method of funding public schools.

The Colorado Children’s Campaign, as convener of the School Finance Partnership, would like to extend our
gratitude to those who contributed valuable time and resources to this effort.

The following organizations and individuals generously supported the School Finance Partnership:
The Barton Family Foundation
Joan and Larry Brennan
Linda & Wes Brown
Chambers Family Fund
Daniels Fund
Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce
Donnell-Kay Foundation
First Focus
Gates Family Foundation
Jared Polis Foundation
The Piton Foundation
Rose Community Foundation
Emily Sinclair

In addition, thank you to Mary Wickersham for her significant contributions as Project Director for the School
Finance Partnership effort.

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